Siomara van Bochove is a visual artist from The Netherlands. Her practice

focuses on (post) colonialism and the aftermath in which identity is

constructed and produced. She investigates archetypal images and ideas

that are present in a dominant society related to roots, heritage, history,

black-and-white and femininity. To indicate the multiplicity of the subjects,

she experiments with digital editing, abstracting images

and the use of multimedia.

After studying at the Photo Academy of Amsterdam for four years, she

graduated cum laude in May 2019 and has been admitted to the Sandberg

Institute (Rietveld Academie) where she is currently doing a two-year

master’s Moving Image (Resolution).

Exhibition/ Publication:

Sexyland X Resolution livestream (2020)

This Art Fair (2020)

Exhibition Fotofinish (2019/2020)

Interview Kiekie Tabloid (2019)

Graduation Exhibit Fotoacademie Amsterdam (2019)

Photo competition King Baudouin Foundation (2019)

Exhibition Gastvrij – De Onafhankelijken (2018)

Exhibition Boksschool Bijlmerbajes (2017)